With the furnishing of the individual home, the laying of the foundation stone for upholstered furniture production began for the Horst manufactory towards the end of the fifties. From a formal point of view, the first years of design were very simple and factually related to the main purpose of being able to sit and relax in a cost-conscious manner.

The living conceptions became more and more modern and slowly a variety of forms, creations and design ideas prevail over today's variability of the Horst assortment.

To live chic and comfortable today is one of the everyday expectations of all classes of the people and thus represents the philosophy of our upholstered furniture production. Our highly qualified employees give their best every day to produce beautiful and contemporary upholstered furniture with a distinctive sense of quality.

Everything about our traditional as well as modern furniture stores, our products and its image are passed on to interested buyers. Living is an expression of the personal lifestyle. An essential contribution to a high quality of life brings beautiful and comfortable living. Horst creates products that can be combined in many ways and emphasize the individual taste of the owner.
One component of the collection invites relaxation and another one to correct and healthy sitting. The partially built-in functionality creates excitement and variety and completes the ability to master many of our company’s technical details. A long development lies behind it and spurs the developers and designers to constantly new creations. With this lifestyle of today we are expanding our future.

Horst AG

Mission statement and corporate culture

Our vision

We want to be the best partner for our customers. In the furnishing industry, we convince with high-quality products that radiate a timeless and independent character.

We live the craft

We focus on products that only a premium manufacturer can produce. Our unmistakable declaration of products shows in an independent design, and a first-class processed craftsmanship with high quality and flexibility.

We create added value

We want our customers to be successful.
That is why we offer them products and service with a superior added value.

We are a team

We have excellent employees. We expect high performance and offer corresponding consideration. Our employees should grow as a team and be able to shape and contribute their knowledge within the company.

We believe in the future

We want to be sustainably profitable. We act innovatively and market-oriented. We invest materially and immaterially in the future, thereby securing our freedom of action and independence.

We share common values

We stand by our word. Integrity, self-responsibility, trust, tolerance and respect for the individual characterise us. We are ready to learn and to change. We act responsibly towards society and the environment.


1930 - 50

During this time Mr. Werner Horst Sr. founded today's business.
He purchased Nägeli, an old wine shop, and from then on produced the then very sellable tubular furniture. The tubular furniture consisting of Manau, Manila, Bondoot and Peddig pipe was bent by means of muscular force and brought to its perfect shape.

1950 - 70

The post-war period changed many things, including the production of tubular furniture, which at that time was padded as an interim solution. In 1960, upholstered furniture production was expanded as directed by Werner Horst Jr. For the first time, basic elements were delivered from the region and pre-fabrication was also introduced.

1970 - 75

In the 1960s, Horst's assortment consisted of just a handful of models,
The customers of that time called for new demands and own creations. In the end, customers could choose from more than 50 master models, in 30 fabric variants, in different leather colors and qualities.
This order of magnitude has been maintained until today.


Artanova Switzerland was founded, and this high-quality line has remained true to its original philosophy until today. In addition to the ancestral Horst Collection is the
Artanova Switzerland line growing as an important and image-bearing element of Horst AG. 

2009 - Today

Stéphanie Horst - CEO Horst AG

On the 1st January 2009, the third generation of the family took over the helm in the company.
Since then Stéphanie Horst has been responsible for the management and marketing. For the company, this means that a fresh wind is blowing here, without losing sight of the traditional values. On the one hand, she is jointly responsible for product developments that are followed with interest by the industry.
On the other hand, it confesses itself without any ifs and buts to the successful and established corporate culture that has developed over decades.



Stéphanie Horst
Managing Director / CEO

Daniel Rüegg
Head of Finance and Administration

Ibrahim Dizdar
Sales Director

Board of Directors

Werner A. Horst
President of the Board

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