A homage to cosiness and comfort:
thanks to its soft shapes and inviting upholstery, Laguna invites you to sit down and relax right from the start.


Michael C. Brandis

Michael C. Brandis

„Straight“ curves and the love for Gropius & Co.

The designer Michael C. Brandis has never denied his passion for the Bauhaus era. This is reflected in every single element of the Medea group. Today he recalls that already in the first creative drafts in 1984 „every curve became straight again“. His tribute to factual, placid, simple and likewise elegant cosy forms of Medea is omnipresent.

„The artist is an exalted craftsman.“ This quotation of Walter Gropius from the Bauhaus Manifesto is similar to a mission statement of Michael C. Brandis. A look back illustrates why: The graduated master upholsterer discovered early his passion for the artistic side of his profession. This led to the result that he in the 50‘s additionally acquired his diploma as a designer at the craftsmanship school in Dortmund. Michael C. Brandis benefited from this combination of craft and art during his entire professional career – and that to date.

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